Simply Simple, Part 1

What makes some people choose to live alone, or even to runaway from society AND live alone? This weekend I have been alone for the first “extended” period of time since before being in Uganda. It’s given me some time to reflect on how my life has evolved, rather quickly, during and after my trip. I have never felt this centered in my life.

I realized that this past month, simplicity has been a major theme in what I’ve seen and experienced. Yet it’s the simplicity of life that has effected me so, and sparked this flame within me to seek a nourishing life. It began while I was in Uganda and our conversation seemed to always drift to sustainability. As scientists, I remember the positive energy with which we spoke to our collaborator, Peter, about the role of humans to sustain our surroundings. Peter is an inspiring individual, and works to empower the agricultural community in Kampala, Uganda to develop sustainable farming practices. The households we visited, especially Peter’s, emphasized the importance of creating not only a home, but a functional, sustainable, living environment. It was the first time I had ever looked at a place of residence with such wholeness. A place for comfort, shelter, water, family, food, and love. The very necessities of life could be found all within the the warmth of one’s home, wherever it may be. And although necessities may be scarce, what was available was appreciated and cherished.


Needless to say, after seeing the simplicity with which these people lived, I saw the potential my life had, if I were to simplify. I craved the utter contentness we observed those weeks in the Ugandan villages. People who were thankful for the sun in the sky, the water from the Earth, the maize that grew in their garden, and the love that encompassed their family, community and all beings.

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