Simply Simple, Part 2

Upon returning home from my trip, I did not want to forget about the inspiring and heartfelt experiences I had in Uganda. I wanted to integrate these ideas of living a whole life, and living sustainably into my life in the United States. I wanted to relate better to the people I meet on my development work trips, to understand their lives and principles.

I returned to Urbana. To my lovely friends and lovely home and lovely kitty. I was thrilled to be back. I awaited barbeques on the porch, bonfires at night, and evenings of walking along the humid streets sharing stories with my new best friends, Matt and Caitlin. They had moved into my apartment while I was in Urbana and we’d be sharing my place for the rest of the summer. I had only known them both for about 3 weeks before I left for Uganda, but somehow when I came home, it was like it was always meant to be. We lounged, and cooked, and talked, and laughed, and strolled, and joked, and shared.

We also spent time with Holly, someone I always knew of, but never really knew. I was dating Holly’s roommate at one time, so I had been to her house already a few times. She joined in on the barbeques, bonfires and walks. One night I was at Holly’s and with Holly and her mom, Denise. We had strolled over in the evening to find Denise watering the flowers. Everyone sat on the porch and I enjoyed listening to the conversation while reading Holly’s book. Denise and Holly prepared a veggie quiche and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. The weather was hot and sticky, but I didn’t complain. The air hung with the heaviness of summer, thick and sweet, resting lightly on my skin. The next morning I woke up, feeling happily full from the late dinner of quiche and cobbler. I had leased a studio for the next fall, but I was suddenly inclined to ask if Holly had a spare room in her house. The gardens, the chickens and sense of togetherness was everything I was looking for to apply what I had learned in Uganda.

I’m happy to say that I’m moving into Holly’s place in a few weeks and I’m absolutely thrilled. While she was out of town this week, I took care of the chickens and enjoyed watering the garden, and it felt so right.



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