Cleanse & Enjoy

This week my dear friend, Caitlin, and I are doing a body and mind cleanse! We have been feeling terribly about our excessive unhealthy eating, drinking, etc. so we decided we needed a week to seriously detox. This week here’s what we’re doing!

Foods to Enjoy

Fresh fruits and veggies (try to eat majority raw!)

Raw walnuts, almonds, macadamia, cashews

Lean proteins like chicken and fish (enjoy only once or twice during the week!)

Green and White Tea

Lots of water!


Exercise & Healthy Habits

Power yoga every morning

Goodnight yoga flow every night

Positive thinking!!!


Day 1 (today) went beautifully! We woke up to a challenging yoga routine with some amazing poses (that I can’t do just yet!). Caitlin and I felt so motivated afterwards to keep doing yoga and get better and feel better along the way. It was a really good way to kick start the morning. 🙂 Afterwards we hit Espresso for iced green tea followed by the grocery store to get all of our healthy detoxing supplies! Our entire cart was filled with yummy fruits and veggies, and between the two of us, the price wasn’t too bad either. When we got home we cleaned the apartment before prepping some lunch: a berry mix (rasberries, strawberries, blue berries, and blackberries), canteloupe, walnuts and almonds. It was SO delicious! On a full tummy I was able to make some headway with my potical science paper. For dinner Matt cooked lemon dill salmon which turned out great! We paired the salmon with brussel sprouts and balsamic tomatoes and onions. Such a lovely family meal. 

As I mentioned above, I was really excited about the yoga we did today. It was amazing to see such beautiful poses that appeared complex and interesting. Yoga is always enjoyable, but for some reason I never really was hooked on it. I know it’s something that would benefit me, both emotionally and physically – it would keep my energy focused and release my stress. I’m going to integrate it into my schedule and make sure to keep on top of it. 

Well, we’ve finished our goodnight flow – feeling relaxed, positive and ready for sleep! it’s off to bed for me 🙂 



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