The Most Significant Part of My Day

There’s this game I like to play (first taught to me by my microbiology professor, Joanna) at dinner. Each person goes around the table and says the most significant part of their day, and why it was so significant. It can be something that was happy, silly, sad, annoying, awkward, interesting, ETC. Really, anything goes! 

So yesterday Caitlin and I were planning on making chicken and kale for dinner, when Holly mentioned coming to her place for a build-your-own-stir-fry dinner! Nate was also visiting for the evening so there was no way I wasn’t going! 🙂 It got me thinking about how enjoyable it is to make dinner a group project. Since Caitlin and Matt moved in, we have often made dinners together – finding recipes and trying new things! This dinner at Holly’s, in particular, reminded me of this ongoing concept of simplicity that I’ve been discussing. 

Among other things, sharing food was a sign of friendship in ancient times. It was a gift of peace and warmth. Even today, family gatherings often revolve around food, but perhaps we’ve forgotten why! Food is nourishment. It is life. You must consume fruits, vegetables, protein, grains to produce energy and live life! And how beautiful that we can join together, and create energy together by making a meal. 

After making our stir-fry, we sat with dim paper lanterns lighting a cozy patio table outside. Caitlin, Holly, Nate, Denise and I each shared our most significant part of the day. Questions were asked, feelings were shared, and tears of laughter welled up in our eyes. And in that moment, we each shared a little piece of ourselves to the group. A piece that, if had not been inquired about, may have remained in our souls unnoticed. Because, how often do we reflect back on our day and ask what was significant? Why did I feel this way? What does it make me want to do?

After our tummies were full we relaxed on the porch, chitchatting while picking at cheesecake in the middle of the table. It was a beautiful dinner full of warmth and friendship. 🙂




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