Heart Exposure

I’ve been experiencing this new sensation – I call it heart exposure. It’s when your heart wiggles and grows and seems to spread out to the rest of your body, down to your phalanges, and out through the rosiness in your cheeks. You can feel it in your chest when you take a deep breath, your heart bump-bumping in your ears as you exhale. Equilibrium. 

And all I can imagine is my heart, squeezing through, under the layers of skin, just to peek out a little and see the world. Or the world to see it. I imagine my chest peeling back, golden light shining through, warmth spreading. Sometimes I feel like people can see it and it’s almost like being naked. Where you give a little holler, and cover your bits, and then eventually realize you all are animals anyhow. 

It’s a silly, tingly feeling – how can you be expected to react when it feels as though your heart is physically exposed and expanding, swirling love through every bit of space? This goodness around you creates a balance so pure, supported, and loving, it’s impossible to repress the desire to spread it! And so you do, and see that by spreading it, our capacity for heart exposure is limitless. 


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