Feel the Wind

My heart is tangled up, and my eyes well up – from that fear that the love I’ve found, and adored so dearly, will soon be stripped away, out of my reach. Spreading across plains, over mountains and swirling in the seas.

My body is present, here where I stand, facing east, moving forward. I am guided by the unknown, but of a few things I can be sure to encounter: struggle, beauty, peace, injustice, fear, love. The fashion in which they will be presented to me is uncertain, but I will undoubtedly receive. Because I sense this is the right move, to move. To leave all that I love, and that which has unconditionally loved me back, nurturing me, readying me for this moment.

Look towards the moon.
Gaze at the stars.
Close your eyes.
Feel the wind, and know that I’m feeling it too.

Know that this moment is because of you, too. The love you’ve shared with me, to share with others. Feel my gratitude, for the special space you occupy in my heart, always.


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