rejuvinate: (v) to give new strength or energy to

I think if I could name this collection of moments, or this phase of my life, I would call it “Rejunivation”. I see this is a time for extra energy exertion, to live to my full potential in all moments. I don’t mean that I want to work myself to death, obviously, but I am feeling particularly determined to live more efficiently. To declutter, both physically and mentally, and to organize my life resources to be utilized in the best configuration possible. This includes decluttering time. I’d like to rejuvenate, or give strength to, my perception of time. To perceive it as a moment that which can always serve to better my mission. To be more mindful of the moment, and how it is nourishing me, teaching me, pushing me along, to discover what lay ahead. 

Even this moment, right now, is demonstrating its purpose – calming my wandering mind, reassuring my independence, and redefining my mission and how it connects me to the whole of humanity. In times of imbalance I feel disconnected from the world; this is most often when I find myself surrounded by others for long periods of time, lacking momentary solitude for grounding. I feel that this moment alone is repairing the disconnect that I’ve felt. In a meditation of sorts, inspired by some information from my roommate, Caitlin, I visualize that…

I am connected by a chord of light to the Earth, and so are all other humans. All of our umbilical chords wind into one giant stem that holds the Earth like a flower bulb. Smaller, thinly lighted chords exist between myself and others; the inter-human chords are different thicknesses, different colors, they connect loosley or wind others together tightly. But ultimately, the most powerful connection is that of all our chords, coming together, without which we would be merely floating in space. 




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