We’ll be together

It’s the first time around, glancing at our calendars, only mentally marking the day. 

We show weak smiles, and crinkled eyes. 

Through the corn stalks, we walk on gravel pathways.

Tracing through the memories like roots gripping into the soil, covering like a blanket. 

We hold hands, and look at the souls within, for a little longer, now. 

Remembering what we’ve seen, together, in each other. And in them. Oh, and in such little time.

We have a deal, now. Our tears calcified it, etched forever in our family stone. 

Me for you. You for me. 

Simply what it is, and what will be. 

Shining light to one another, a sign that love is all around us. 

Holding us tight, when we lose something big. 

Because always looking is not living, and death is the next living. 

And we’ll be together, all of us. 




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