Today, Let Yourself Feel Good

Today was a challenging day. It reinforced.

the power of the mind,

the power of intention,

the power of positivity.

Each morning, I’ve been reading one passage from the Tao Te Ching (interpreted by Ursula LeGuin) and meditating afterwards. I come back to it again throughout the day in passing thoughts, and then more concretely each evening and try to reflect on what has occurred in the day. Where can I draw inspiration? Motivation? How is my mind and body reacting to my experience?

It’s amazing how overwhelming this week can seem, the amount of experience I endure in perhaps 1 month, jammed into 7 days. Just 7 days ago I arrived in Kampala, Uganda. Today I was asked to give a presentation, a challenge that is often uniquely debilitating. With help from a loving reminder, I read from my Tao Te Ching.

that’s why the wise soul

does without doing,

teaches without talking.

The things of this world

exist, as they are;

you can’t refuse them.

To bear and not to own;

to act and not lay claim;

to do the work and let it go:

for just letting it go

is what makes it stay

A powerful message to let it be, just as it is. That nervousness is a feeling that serves no purpose, because everything is at is and will be as it will be. How liberating. I remembered this during my presentation. It felt so good and sweet to speak slowly, and purposefully. To take moments to just pause and breath and smile at my audience. Thank you world, for filling me up today. I feel so good.

Photo on 10-30-14 at 4.51 PM #3


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