The Rainy Season is Winning

This week almost everyone in the house was having GI issues – from what, we can only speculate, but the amount of diarrhea-talk around the house has peaked. Yesterday, I was on day 6 of diarrhea episodes. Meanwhile we were going on day 3 with no power. We’re still in the rainy season and the storms aren’t letting up.

The storms the last few days have been so intense that we’ve had power only for an hour or so each day. Which isn’t so bad if you’re feeling healthy, because you can just leave the house and get power elsewhere…but no one really wants to leave the house when the impending doom of diarrhea is around the corner. Plus, you have to catch a moment when it’s not raining to grab a boda and head to your destination. People literally don’t drive when it rains because the rain is so unpredictable and can get so heavy.

In attempts to kick whatever bug has been eating away at me, I had a beetroot, carrot and pineapple smoothie, drank herbal tea all day, drank coconut water to help with the dehydration, ate some raw coconut and pawpaw, had some plain pasta to fill me up and rested heavily. At night while my roommate Diana was sitting on the porch, waiting on a boda to bring oral rehydration salts, she noticed some lights at the other houses turn on. The power was back! Total joy! I made toast with the toaster oven and made some tea with the kettle. Things were really looking up! In the evening I stretched a lot and used some positive reinforcement: I feel better, my body is strong, drink more water, my body is strong.


Fresh coconut water!

Around 4am I woke up to more storms but just rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. By the time I woke up at 7am the rain was still coming, but the loud thunder had settled a bit. I got out of bed, no power. Sigh. Beatrice was up and we were talking in the kitchen. Apparently the storm knocked down an entire wall in the garden, crushing the chicken coop and killing our two chickens. So, today I’m starting the day just trying to gage where I’m at physically and how I’m feeling. My stomach is still pretty uneasy and I’m debating whether or not to see a doctor. My plan of action is to rest until 10 or 11am, and then head to the university and get the day going! Positive reinforcement: I feel better, my body is strong, drink more water, my body is strong.

Collapsed wall

Sifting through the rubble for rescue chicken operation! Photo by Diana Caley

AND – to really brighten up my week, I have completed my first sampling set. The samples are neatly tucked away in the freezer awaiting analysis! So the rainy season has me on the GI infections the power, and the death of our two chickens. But, I still got the data. Rainy season – 4, Nora – 1.

UPDATE: After writing this post we went out to analyze the damage, when under the rubble we heard a bird! After throwing bricks and rocks of the coop, we managed to rescue the rooster!!! 🙂

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