Agent of Change

We are climbing a mountain, together.

An excerpt from Island by Aldous Huxley:

“Danger. Danger. Danger deliberately and yet lightly accepted. Danger shared with a friend, a group of friends. Shared consciously, shared to the limits of awareness so that the sharing and danger become a yoga. Two friends roped together on a rock face. Sometimes three friends or four. Each totally aware of his own straining muscles, his own skill, his own fear, and his own spirit transcending the fear. And each, of course, aware at the same time of all others, concerned for them, doing the right things to make sure that they’ll be safe. Life at its highest pitch of bodily and mental tension, life more abundant, more inestimably precious, because of the ever-present threat of death. But after the yoga of danger there’s the yoga of the summit, the yoga of rest and letting go, the yoga of complete and total receptiveness, the yoga that consists in consciously accepting what is given as it is given. You just sit there with muscles relaxed and a mind open to the sunlight and the clouds, open to distance and the horizon, open in the end to that formless, wordless Not-Thought which the stillness of the summit permits you to divine, profound and enduring, within the twittering flux of your everyday thinking.”

Grab my hand, rope yourself to me.

You. We. Cannot do this alone.

We can do it together.

We should do it together.

We should do life together.


It’s time to care about one another.

Feed, nurture, respect, love, grow with each other.


Time to turn up and tune in.

Open your heart, and let love in.


Let’s build a space that is founded on understanding the heart of thy neighbor.

Let’s move beyond the doing. Let’s do the Not-Doing.

Let’s patch these holes in our family quilt, share the warmth,

and look towards tomorrow.

Together, we create the tomorrow.


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