A place – the surrounding environment created by mind’s perception.

Yesterday I woke up in a place where all the people that surrounded me had known me, and I them, for a short 60 days. Some days, like yesterday, this catches my breath, and I feel like I’m floating, unknown to everything around me. Guided through space by a loose connection here and uncertain pulling there. I don’t know the directions, because there is no map. My feet, my toes are flexing, looking for solid ground. My heart is involuntarily pumping, looking for depth, awaiting vibration.

Today I wake up in a place where I plant my feet on the ground, and stand up, looking towards a cream colored piece of paper hung up on my wall, marked Patience in colorful yellow, orange and green painted letters. I empty my lungs and refill them, feeling the vibrations of the air entering every cavity within me. I stretch my arms over my head, and let my fingers touch the ground, feeling my heart beat against my knees, energy drawing up through my heels. I step outside and see the sun, and feel love within me.

Every day I wake up in a place.
A place – the surrounding environment created by mind’s perception.
Every day I wake up and create a place within which I exist.
Let me create a place in which
Energy is harnessed for sincere intention.
Patience is practiced.
And the yoga of love is cherished, and shared.

Tomorrow, will you join me in this place?
Let us harness energy for our most sincere intention.
Let us practice patience, with each other and ourselves.
Let us cherish the yoga of love, and share it with others.

Let us create this place, and revel in the beauty of its potentially perpetual existence.


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