Authentic Voices

This January I had the pleasure of being a keynote speaker at the Authentic Voices conference in Moline, IL. The conference is attended by junior high to high school girls and is an opportunity for them to learn about self-acceptance, women empowerment, healthy relationships, and navigating life’s choices to promote a sense of self-worth and strength.

For the keynote, I talked about my stuttering, a challenge that I have lived with for over 15 years and one that still humbles me every day. I am still learning to accept myself as I am, a process that I believe is a lifelong practice, and I hope that by sharing my story, others will see that we all have our unique challenges. We each struggle to overcome some aspect of ourselves that we feel is inadequate – and sometimes this feeling of inadequacy can lead us to turn down opportunities, to fear change, and to inhibit ourselves from reaching our greatest potential.

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